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Snow Bird Property Care

Snow Bird Property Care


A Snowbird Property Care Inspection provides peace of mind while you are away.  We perform inside and outside inspections of your home on a predetermined regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for short term vacations as well as long term.  Inspectors will walk through the inside and outside of the home and grounds using a checklist and mail a report to the homeowner.

L&M will will make sure your paper and mail were stopped as instructed - even water plants or feed the fish - anything you need to make your vacation worry free while you are gone.

Written checklists of inspections to your property are provided on a monthly basis.   We check for visable leaks in the roof, skylights, or windows, breakage or security breaches to doors and windows, lighting problems, air conditioning and heating adjustments/monitoring according to the season, insect and rodent problems.  We also run water in sinks, fuish traps and toilets, check for plumbing leaks or problems, check fireplaces, monitor appliances, hot water heaters, garage doors, etc.

We also check the grounds for erosion problems, drainage issues, rodent, pest and insects, damage, exterior home wear and tear (stucco cracks, paint problems, visable roof damage), security problems, sinkholes, weed control, monitor  landscaping,  In addition we place delivered packages inside and pickup papers/flyer debris from the driveway and yard.


Snowbird Tips

Many Florida residents travel back north during the hot summer months.  It is important to prepare your home for your absence if you’re going to vacate your home for a significant period of time. The following tips will make your return much smoother as they are designed to keep your house in optimum condition while you are away.

18 Home Preservation Tips:

1) Unplug all electrical items, except lights on timers.

2) Empty and unplug the refrigerator and  prop the door open.

3) Shut the water off to your home. Do NOT leave the water faucets on.

4) Change your air conditioner filters and set the temperature betweem 82 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Set your Humidistat to 60-63%.

6) Set out small containers of BIO-CHAR charcoal or cat litter in each room to absorb moisture and odors.

7) Turn off the water heater. (If you choose to drain it, remember to fill it before turning it on when you return)

8) Check your plumbing system for leaks. Look for wet areas or water stains in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry area.

9) Weatherstrip and caulk windows and doors as needed.

10) Clean and flush out of your gutter system.

11) Set up the timer of your lawn irrigation system and adjust if necessary.

12) Check the tension on your pool cage anchor cables.

13) Trim any tree limbs or branches that hang near the house or roof.

14) If you have hurricane shutters, install them or make arrangements with a local company to install them prior to the approach of a hurricane or tropical storm.

15) Cover your toilets with cling wrap, close all drain stoppers and block shower and tub drains to prevent evaporation at the traps.  This is especially important when using a humidistat on the HVAC system.

16) Inspect your roof. Have a professional repair pop up nails, damaged shingles and re-coat seams or entire metal roof, if necessary.

17) Tighten any accessible cable style tie-downs until taut. Replace broken or significantly rusted tie downs.

18) Fold or raise any awnings

Contact the local police or Sheriff’s office for a crime prevention brochure, or crime prevention tips, to burglar proof your home.

Home watch services monitor your home at the time interval of your choice (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) for problems with your home, including checking that the pool and lawn service personnel are performing their duties. The L&M Snow Bird Property Care Service includes sending a written report/checklist after each visit that includes photographs. 




    This inspectionn is for all properties.


    Once an inspection has been completed and reviewed with the customer,  an inspection report is delivered. At this time our service is complete and the sale is considered closed. All sales are final, there are no refunds.

  • Counties Served

    We travel to all counties in our great state of Florida.

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