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Lower your insurance premiums with a Wind Mitigation Report on your Home!

 L&M Final Wind Mitigation

Numerous national studies show Florida in the lead when it comes to states with the total number of homes most at-risk for natural disasters.  The potential exposure of homes in Florida is above $350 billion, making wind storm insurance policies a great part of home insurance.   A Wind mitigation inspection may qualify a property for discounts on windstorm insurance. Many factors determine how much homeowner insurance premiums may be reduced. 

Wind Mitigation inspections include a focus on reporting on the following wind resistant features of a property: 

Reinforced concrete block construction, hip roofs, single or double roof straps, the type of roof covering, secondary water resistant roof barrier, impact resistant windows, doors, skylights and garage doors, storm doors and shutters, hurricane ties, gable end bracing, among other wind and water reenforcing features of a home.  The inspection report can be submitted to insurance underwriters for review to request a refund or discount. 

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