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The L&M


Home Inspection

All home inspections consist of verifying the condition, operability and proper installation of typical home components.  Our inspectors arrive at the property prepared to scrutinize every detail inside and out, from the driveway to the roof, wall to wall, making note of every detail using state of the art technology.  Upon completion, findings will be reviewed and a detailed and easy-to-read inspection report will be created for the client.  L&M Home Inspection Reports provide details on:

Condition of all major home components

Major and minor inadequacies

Items to monitor and safety concerns

Home maintenance and preservation tips

 L&M Final Four Point Inspection.png

Insurance companies may require a Four-Point Inspection as a precondition to issuing a new policy or when renewing an existing policy.  This inspection focuses on only the roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.  L&M certified home inspectors will perform the inspection and submit the standardized report and all required documentation to insurance companies.  Homeowners need not be present as long as a representative above the age of 18 is present to allow access. 

 L&M Final Move In Inspection.png
Pre Listing/
Review with Buyer Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are a great opportunity for homeowners to get an expert unbiased report on the condition of their home. Homeowners may unknowingly overlook technical or functional issues their home may have that will become apparent with a home inspection.  A pre-listing inspection will identify any complications that could become obstacles to closing a sale and  allow the seller to address them.  Home sellers, along with real estate brokers, decide whether to make repairs or disclose the items at the time of the sale in compliance with full disclosure laws.  This inspection includes an option for an additional cursory inspection with the buyer to review the unsatisfactory items.  

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The pest inspection consists on visually inspecting readily accessible areas of a home specifically focused on finding evidence of rodents, bats, wood-destroying insects (including  Termites, Carpenter ants and bees, Powder Post Beetles among others) fungi and organisms (WDO).  Interior and exterior areas of the home are visually inspected (includes access to attics, sub-spaces, crawlspaces and basements) to determine the presence of pests.

 L&M Final Snow Bid Property Care.png
Snowbird Care & Home Maintenance Inspection/Service Plans

This inspection is offered for Homeowners not involved in a real estate transaction who are interested in maintaining their home in optimum condition and need professional help in doing so.  Staying on top of maintenance and being informed of repairs needed, can save a customer money avoiding expensive future problems. The L&M Home Inspection Services team will perform a thorough inspection, provide a detailed inspection, review it with the customer and provide a home maintenance manual.  Customers purchasing the maintenance service plan count on the L&M team to be on call to inspect repairs or upgrades made to the property and perform follow up inspections on a regular basis to keep the home in optimum condition.  

 L&M Final Pool and SPA Inspection.png

This visual inspection of Pool and SPA components includes a look at circulation, heating and filtering systems and components as well as electrical components.  The report will identify any deficiencies and safety issues.  During the inspection the client can learn about the basics of how pools and spas work, the basics of water chemistry as well as receive common maintenance recommendations.

 L&M Final Wind Mitigation

Numerous national studies show Florida in the lead when it comes to states with the total number of homes most at-risk for natural disasters.  The potential exposure of homes in Florida is above $350 billion, making wind storm insurance policies a great part of home insurance. 

A Wind mitigation inspection may qualify a property for discounts on windstorm insurance. Many factors determine how much homeowner insurance premiums may be reduced.  Wind Mitigation inspections include a focus on the following wind resistant features of a property: 

Reinforced concrete block construction, hip roofs, single or double roof straps, the type of roof covering, secondary water resistant roof barrier, impact resistant windows, doors, skylights and garage doors, storm doors and shutters, hurricane ties, gable end bracing, among other wind and water reenforcing features of a home.  The inspection report can be submitted to insurance underwriters for review to request a refund or discount. 

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